Maik Boltes

Dr. Maik Boltes

Head of the division

Pedestrian Dynamics - Empiricism


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52428 Jülich

Institute for Advanced Simulation (IAS)

Zivile Sicherheitsforschung (IAS-7)

Gebäude 09.7 / Raum 313


Data Acquisition and Analysis of Pedestrian Dynamics

In order to understand and thereupon to model pedestrian dynamics, reliable empirical data of pedestrian behavior is needed. My research activities include the identification of parameters influencing the dynamic, the acquisition of these parameters, studying sensor techniques capturing corresponding data and analysing the collected and fused data (e.g. head movement, full body motion, pressure, identification).

Open Science

A self developed open source tool named PeTrack automatically extracts accurate pedestrian trajectories from experiments. Joint trajectories of all pedestrians provide data like velocity and density at any time and position.

Gathered data of all our experiments can be found in our open data archive.

I am co-publisher of the diamond open access journal Collective Dynamics and guest editor of the gold open access Journal of Advanced Transportation with the special issue Empirical Research on Pedestrians’ Behavior and Crowd Dynamics.

The conference Traffic and Granular Flow '13 has been co-organized and the workshop on Collecting and Analysing Experimental Data of Pedestrian Dynamics has been launched and organized by me.

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Former research topics at JSC

Mesh Simplification

High resulution models in computer graphics need to be simplified automatically in order to save processor performance or memory space. My research interest has been the simplification of meshes by preserving the visual appearance integrated to Sculptor.

Multimedia and Virtual Reality

Further interest is scientific visualization including multimedia technics and virtual reality.

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