Registration Access

The registration is performed in seven steps.

Step 1

The registration is performed online using the booking system of the HNF named PPMS . On the PPMS Homepage click on „Account Creation Request“. You will need a valid email-address of an european provider. Follow the instructions given by the PPMS system.
After using the Submit-button in PPMS, your registration is sent to the HNF-office. The HNF-office now checks your given data. If everything is correct, you receive the status “Novice”. You will get a confirmation of PPMS. Afterwards you will have restricted access to PPMS.

Step 2

Create a "Run Sheet". An example Run Sheet can be found in downloads. Send the Run Sheet to In case you don’t want to use the cleanroom, you don’t need a Run Sheet.

Step 3

Now you have to create a project.

Project creation:

  • Log in to PPMS,
  • Click on “Request” in the headline,
  • Scroll down until you find “Project Creation Request”,
  • Click on “my Run Sheet”,
  • Follow the instructions given by PPMS,
  • Send your inquiry. Unless you use the Submit-button, no transmission is performed.

PPMS does send your project to the HNF-office. Your project will now be checked. In case there will be questions, the HNF-office or the technology team will contact you. The check will need some time, therefore until clearance you may perform the HNF’s safety test, see step 4.

Step 4

According to the safety regulation (Arbeitssicherheitsverordnung), everyone must make ones familiar with the buildings safety and must absolve a safety test. Your server-profile is created by the HNF-office. You will receive an email from the server (

  • click on the given link and reset your password, the server will now send you a new password,
  • continue to log in and perform the test.

The test is based on the HNF Lecture Cleanroom, which you also may find in the download area. You may answer all questions with it. You may repeat the test how often you like until you passed it.

After you passed the test, the Online-safety-system will present you a template, the “Online safety briefing certificate (OSC). Please print and sign it. The signed original has to be sent to HNF, directly given to the HNF-office or placed in the postbox in the HNF, entrance E1. In urgent cases we accept a scan of the OSC until the original is given.

You will receive safety-clearance for one year, afterwards you will have to redo the test.

Step 5

We check the technical feasibility and the compatibility to the materials and processes of the other users. Afterwards you will receive our email with the technical permission to process and an allocation of the necessary devices you may use.

Step 6

You will duly be invited to the basic cleanroom instruction. This instruction makes one familiar with the building and the cleanrooms access regulations. Only after this instruction you will receive the complete user status of the HNF. You will only be invited to the instruction, if

  • your Run Sheet was approved,
  • the Online-safety-briefing was passed,
  • the signed template of the Online-safety-briefing was given to the HNF-office.

Step 7

After the successful cleanroom instruction you are now user of the HNF. You have received an email, with the devices defined according to your process. To get access to the devices, request instructions to every device.

Do not request trainings before you projekt is online! When the project is online, you will see it on the Dashborad/Home under My Projects.

Open PPMS:

  • log in,
  • click on “Requests”,
  • within “Training Request” you will find requests for the trainings at the devices,
  • click on the necessary training and follow the instructions.

We wish you success and may your plans work out!

Last Modified: 10.02.2023