The growth and compaction of cities represents worldwide social and technical challenges. One key problem we already face every day is the overloaded traffic systems. Another threat is fire, which causes problems and delays in many large construction projects. Our research activities in pedestrian and fire dynamics contribute to the understanding of these highly complex systems. Our work is based on both experimentation and modeling. In pedestrian dynamics, we focus on the natural science perspective and integrate concepts from social psychology. Research activities in fire dynamics combine high-performance computing, physics, chemistry, and mathematics with fire safety engineering methods.

The IAS-7 consists of scientists from mathematics, physics, sociology, computer sciences and engineering. We aim to strengthen this diversity with respect to gender and culture. Beside cooperation with universities worldwide our team is closely linked to the

Department of Computer Simuation for Fire Safety and Pedestrian Traffic, Computational Civil Engineering and Psychology at the University of Wuppertal.


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Last Modified: 22.02.2024