Lectures and Supervisions

Dr. Mohcine Chraibi

Regular Lectures

The following lectures are given in cooperation with the Department of Computer Simulation for Fire Safety and Pedestrian Traffic in the University of Wuppertal

  • Fundamentals of traffic flow theory (german, winter)
  • Pedestrian Dynamics - CSIS (english, winter)
  • Evacuation Simulation (german, summer)

Invited Lectures

Lecture at the School of Transportation and Logistics, Southwest Jiatong University, China

  • Introduction to space-continuous models of Pedestrian Dynamics

    • evolution of models in 1D
    • stability analysis and stop-and-go waves
    • application and simulations with NetLogo
  • Space-continuous models of Pedestrian Dynamics in 2D

    • force-based models vs. velocity-based models
    • path-finding and different routing algorithms
    • application and simulations with NetLogo
  • Applied Crowd Management with JuPedSim


  • Master Thesis "Web-based Exploratory Visualisation and Analysis of Pedestrian Simulations in Buildings" by Tao Zhong, University of Wuppertal (2020)
  • Bachelor Thesis "Investigation of cooperation mechanisms in continuous models of pedestrian dynamics" by Kang Liu, University of Wuppertal (2019)
  • Master Thesis "Automated Routing in Pedestrian Dynamics" by Arne Graf, FH Aachen (2015)
  • Diploma Thesis "A knowledge-based routing framework for pedestrian dynamics simulation" by David Haensel, TU Dresden (2014)

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