Cytoarchitectonic Atlas

Julich-Brain Cytoarchitectonic Atlas

Julich-Brain is a three-dimensional atlas of the human brain with maps of the cortex and subcortical areas. The atlas currently contains maps of more than 200 regions and is constantly being expanded ("living atlas"). The maps are based on the analysis of cell body stained tissue sections, which were mapped with image analysis and statistical tools in 10 postmortem brains each. This happened in more than 48 individual projects, which were published in scientific journals.


Prof. Dr. med. Katrin AmuntsDirector and Working Group Leader "Architecture and Brain Function"Building 15.9 / Room 3022+49 2461/61-4300
Dipl.-Phys. Hartmut MohlbergBuilding 15.9 / Room 3030+49 2461/61-2090


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