NRW Hydrogen Network (INW-IN)

The Hydrogen Network NRW synchronizes the activities of the HC-H2 with existing initiatives in NRW. The aim is to fully exploit synergies between the activities of the HC-H2 and other hydrogen activities in the Rhenish region, among companies, research institutions and municipalities. In this way, the existing competencies and value chains in the Rhenish region are to be optimally linked and in this way a maximum effectiveness of the public funding used is to be achieved.

The network records hydrogen activities in the Rhenish region, organizes events, networks its members and acts as a communicative link between the HC-H2 and its surroundings. Through contacts with political decision-makers, the Hydrogen Network NRW helps to further develop and implement strategies for the promotion of hydrogen technologies and the rapid establishment of a successful hydrogen economy in the Rhenish region and in NRW.

Last Modified: 23.11.2022