The research activities of the institute are centred round the innovative concepts enabling a drastic reduction of power consumption in future information circuitry. The ongoing increase in the volume of data and in consequence the increase in computer capacity requires innovation to improve the energy efficiency substantially. With the economy of scale running out of power, energy efficiency will be the technology driver of the future. It is envisioned that these concepts will be boosted by the discovery of new materials and material combinations, called hybrid structures, enabling memory based computing architectures. Combining those bio- or brain-inspired neuromorphic chips with high rate data transmission provided by silicon photonics and large external memories may provide a versatile architecture for ultra-low energy computing. The science of the institute is directed towards the development of building blocks for those systems in the near- to midterm timeline with the perspective to further integrate these building blocks in conceptual device circuitry in a longer time frame.

Last Modified: 29.09.2022