Electronic structure of quantum materials

High resolution angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy with the added spin-sensitivity (spin-ARPES) is the technique of choice to probe the electronic structure of crystalline solids. Driven by the interest in understanding the magnetic properties of surface electrons, we map band dispersions and Fermi surfaces of epitaxial thin films and novel materials such as topological insulators.

We operate two spin-ARPES setups. One of them operates at the soft x-ray undulator synchrotron radiation beamline in DELTA/Dortmund where also time-resolved experiments in the femtosecond regime will be possible in the near future. The other, lab-based system, combines high intensity He, Xe, or Kr discharge sources with cryogenic cooling to provide overall energy resolution below 6 meV.

We also use hard x-ray ARPES (HARPES) in order to obtain insight into the electronic structure of bulk and buried interfaces. These experiments are performed at various synchrotron beamlines around the globe, such as Spring8 (Japan), BESSY (Berlin), or DESY (Hamburg).

Group Photo Electronic Structures.jpg
From left to right: Pika Gospodaric, Lukasz Plucinski, Sven Döring, Markus Eschbach, Ewa Mlynczak, Mathias Gehlmann

Contact: L. Plucinski

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