Electrochemical (Bio)Sensors

Electrochemical (Bio)Sensors Group


The “Electrochemical (Bio)Sensors “ group is working on the development and study of properties of electrochemical sensors and multisensor systems with redox proteins, oxidoreductase enzymes, molecular macrocycles, and their nanostructures based on molecular assembly for detection and monitoring of reactive oxygen species, ions, ion/molecular transport, and redox signaling in single cells, cellular systems, and tissues.


(Bio)Electrochemical sensors, enzymes, macrocycles, porphyrins, nanomaterials


Dr. Youlia Mourzina


Gebäude 02.4 / Raum 2.27

+49 2461/61-2364



Former Members and Guests

Dr. Xiao Liu, CSC Doctoral researcher

Dr. Ekaterina Koposova, Master student, Doctoral researcher

Dr. Konstantin G. Nikolaev, Master student, DAAD Doctoral researcher

Dr. Irina Muratova, Master student

Roman Vochinsky, Master student

Dr. Dieter Weber, Master student

Dr. Alexandre Kisner, Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Michael Jansen, Master student

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wolfram, PostDoc

Dmitry Kalaguine, Master student

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