Topological Nanoelectronics Group


The field of spintronics is a rapidly developing field which instantly absorbs novel developments in the areas of electronicstructure, topology, many-body physics and diverse aspects of magnetism. As a group, we focus on novel linear and non-linear response,topological properties and transport effects in complex magnetic systems ranging from interfaces and heterostructures of transition metals to extended spin systems. We make extensive use of the predictive power of density functional theory as our main tool for investigating topological phases and electronic structure of real materials, thereby bridging the gap between experimental advances and progress in theoretical understanding of diverse effects taking place in realistic materials. As a result, we dedicate a large part of our activities to developing first-principles methodologies for addressing the electron, orbital and spin properties which are rooted in the complex nature of electrons in solids.


  • Dichtefunktionaltheorie und Methoden der elektronischen Struktur
  • Spin-Orbit-Torque und Orbitronik
  • Magnonik und Dynamik der Materie
  • Lineare und nichtlineare Transporteffekte
  • Topologische Phasen der Materie
  • Entdeckung neuer Klassen von Quantenmaterialien 


Prof. Dr. Yuriy Mokrousov


Gebäude 04.8 / Raum 132

+49 2461/61-4434



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