The brain is a highly complex organ and ubiquitous in our daily lives. However, little is understood about it or its functions. Undertaking the study of this organ is a challenging and fascinating endeavour and can spawn new technologies and alternative methods of treatment of diseases.

Research at the Institute of Computational and Systems Neuroscience encompasses theoretical, data-analytic and simulation approaches to develop multi-scale models of the brain. It is our firm belief that progress in understanding a complex system like the brain can only be achieved through this multi-faceted approach.

Directors: Prof. Dr. Sonja Grün and Prof. Dr. Markus Diesmann

Research groups at IAS-6

Latest Publications

A modular and adaptable analysis pipeline to compare slow cerebral rhythms across heterogeneous datasets

Gutzen R., De Bonis G., De Luca C., Pastorelli E., Capone C., Mascaro ALA., Resta F., Manasanch A., Pavone FS., Sanchez-Vives MV., Mattia M., Grün S., Paolucci PS., Denker M.
Cell Reports Methods

Neuronal Population Activity in Macaque Visual Cortices Dynamically Changes through Repeated Fixations in Active Free Viewing
Sequence learning in a spiking neuronal network with memristive synapses Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering
Runtime Construction of Large-Scale Spiking Neuronal Network Models on GPU Devices
NMDA-driven dendritic modulation enables multitask representation learning in hierarchical sensory processing pathways