Data Challenges Platform


Jülich Challenges / Helmholtz Data Challenges have been initiated in cooperation with INM-1 and the Helmholtz AI High-Level Support Team at JSC.

Helmholtz Data Challenges is a platform for data challenges with scientific data from the Helmholtz Association, Germany’s largest research organization.

The Helmholtz Data Challenges Team is a group of machine learning researchers from diverse research areas, different Helmholtz research centers, representing all Helmholtz incubator platforms. We aim to advance data technologies and dissemination of best practices by hosting and supporting data science challenges. Platform development is mainly driven by the Helmholtz AI Consultant Team at Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) and the Institute for Data Analytics and Machine Learning (IAS-8), both at Forschungszentrum Jülich, as well as scientists from the Helmholtz Imaging Service Unit ‘Applied Computer Vision Lab‘ at DKFZ.

The mission of the Helmholtz Data Challenges is to provide a premier academic data-challenges platform to the scientific community. Our aim is to offer a platform independent from commercial interests, allowing for transparent and high-quality validation, benchmarking, performance-based ranking of algorithms and collaborative work on outstanding scientific projects featuring unique data collected by Helmholtz facilities, supporting open science and reproducibility. We strive to make it easy to work with us and our platform, supporting data-challenge design and setup to meet highest scientific standards. In its data processing, the platform commits itself to the FAIR principles as well as fair licensing conditions. However, we are not there yet. This is work in progress, we will add more features to the platform within the next months. Please explore what the platform is capable of already and feel free to provide feedback and suggestions for new features.


Last Modified: 16.01.2023