New infrastructure network RIANA approved

New infrastructure network RIANA approved

Together with ERC-1, JCNS-1 and JSC, IBI-4 is part of the “Research Infrastructure Access in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology” (RIANA) network, recently approved by the EU.

Research in nanoscience and nanotechnology is crucial for sustainability worldwide. Progress in nanoscience and nanotechnology cannot be achieved without the use of research infrastructures (RI).

RIANA therefore gathers 7 European networks of top RIs to offer external users the most advanced techniques for nanofabrication, processing/synthesis, characterization, and simulation capabilities. Through the RI networks LENS, e-DREAM and EUSMI, the institute divisions ERC-1, JCNS-1 JSC and IBI-4 participate in RIANA. In total, RIANA provides access to 69 infrastructures, supported by a comprehensive science and innovation service provided by experienced scientists, facilities experts and highly qualified young scientists. The core of RIANA is designed to attract experienced and new users from academia or industry to foster their promising scientific ideas.

Currently, the RIANA consortium is preparing the Grant Agreement and it is expected that access to the participating infrastructures will be possible from March 2024.

Last Modified: 10.04.2024