Research profile

We investigate equilibrium and non-equilibrium phenomena in (bio-) macromolecular systems. In equilibrium, the phase behavior and the particle dynamics of a broad spectrum of systems are studied. An important aspect of our research is the system response to external fields including flow, electric fields, temperature gradients and confinement, which are often of biological and technological interest. To gain a fundamental understanding of the associated complex phenomena on a macromolecular level, we develop model systems with chemically tuned properties. The institute is equipped with a variety of highly sophisticated, state-of-the art instruments which are partially developed and built in-house.


Model Systems

- DNA-synthetic Hybrids
- Modified fd-virus
- Synthetic Colloids

In-house synthesis of novel model systems with tuned properties and complex architectures.


Transport Phenomena

- Charged Colloids
- Filtration
- Synapse Signal Cascade
- Rod-like Colloid

Fundamentals of (bio-) macromolecular transport and applications in modeling of complex processes.


External Fields

- Shear Flow 
- Confinement
- Temperature Gradients 
- Electric Fields

The response of (bio-) macromolecular systems to various external fields.


Phase Behaviour

- DNA-synthetic Hybrids
- Proteins
- Rod-like Viruses

Equilibrium phase behavior of various types of (bio-) macromolecular systems.



- Shear Cells
- Rheometers
- Light Scattering

- Birefringence

- Microscopes

Available home-built and standard experimental equipment.

Last Modified: 07.06.2022