Our Research Focus

Decoding the human brain and its variability

To better understand the human brain with its many facets in its complexity and to capture its variability at all levels of organization is the focus of research at the INM. To this end, we are developing a three-dimensional model and atlas based on brain structure, brain function and dysfunction. The activity dynamics of the brain are captured and interpreted in network models at different scales of resolution.

Human Brain Project - HBP
Joint Lab SMHB
Research Training Group - RTG2416

Bi-directional translation in neurology and psychiatry

The INM translates findings from basic neuroscientific research into clinical application and uses the insights into dysfunction and plasticity gained there for a better understanding of the healthy brain. A particular focus is the development of innovative machine learning approaches that open up new perspectives in the classification, diagnosis and prognosis of neurological and psychiatric diseases in the sense of "medical AI".

Sonderforschungsbereich - SFB 1451
International Research Training Group - IRTG 2150

Driving technology in the fields of multimodal neuroimaging and neuromorphic computing

The INM contributes to the development of new technologies in MRI and PET, brings simulations and AI-based analysis to state-of-the-art neuromorphic hardware, and opens up new methods of high-performance computing for brain research.

B-Q Minded
Brain PET
Advanced Computing Architectures – ACA

Tools, analysis pipelines, and resources for neuroscientific research

We develop new algorithms and workflows for research data management, the analysis of neuroscientific data, and the simulation of brain activity. We make these software solutions, as well as diverse data and other resources, available to the scientific community.

Software, services and data:

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