The INM takes part in various programs to empower young researchers.

Talent management

The Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine participates in graduate schools and is involved in the promotion of young researchers.

Master programs:
Master Programm Translational Neurosciences

Graduate/Doctoral programs:
International Research Training Group - IRTG 2150
Research Training Group - RTG1960
Research Training Group - RTG2416
Max Planck School of Cognition

More offers:
Palestinian-German-Science-Bridge (PGSB)
Georgian-German-Science-Bridge (GGSB)
Helmholtz School for Data Science in Life, Earth and Energy - HDS-LEE

A model of the human brain with different overlay types for parcellation and brain activity.

Tools, analysis pipelines and resources

We make tools for analyzing and simulating data available to other scientists.
Software, services and data:

Imaging Core Facility (ICF)

The imaging devices are bundled in the Imaging Core Facility (ICF). This includes state-of-the-art imaging instruments that provide insights into the brain: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and MR-PET hybrid devices. In addition, PET tracers are produced at the INM and used, for example, in the context of high-precision medicine for tumor diagnostics, the investigation of neurodegenerative diseases and in basic research.


An overview of the scientific publications of the INM can be found here:


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