Habitual Daily Coffee Intake to Ensure Optimal Cognitive Performance in the Face of Chronic Sleep Restriction?

Good sleep is a prerequisite for personal well-being and health, and provides the bases for sustained attention, proper decision making and risk taking, and other high-level cognitive functions. Chronic sleep restriction, which is highly prevalent in modern 24/7 societies, impairs sleep quantity and quality and results in increased risks for human errors and work-related accidents.
With this cooperative project between FZJ, DLR and University Zürich, we aim at testing the following specific hypotheses:
1) Regular daily coffee intake such as observed with common ecological consumption (200 ml coffee at breakfast and 100 ml coffee after lunch) improves impaired cognitive abilities after chronic sleep restriction with different potency (sustained attention > selective attention > working memory > decision making > risk taking)
2) Chronic sleep restriction with and without daily caffeine intake differently affects the build-up of sleep propensity as quantified by cerebral adenosine A1 receptor density

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Contact: Prof. Dr. David Elmenhorst

Last Modified: 03.07.2023