Quantum Computing Systems Integration and Analysis


The Quantum Computing Systems Integration and Analysis Group at PGI-12 is to enable and support the integration of components developed by our partners in quantum computing system projects with the participation of FZJ. To this end, we tailor and apply established methods of system engineering and technology development from the aerospace industry to the development of quantum computing systems.

Leveraging on the experience gathered during such activities, we contribute to the wider quantum computing ecosystem by participating in the definition of standards, and by performing outreach initiatives for users and technology providers.

Our research activities cover technology development (engineering and management) and analysis of quantum computing use cases for the manufacturing industry. We also conduct a literature study that evaluates the development status of quantum computing with a focus on quantum cryptanalysis, taking into account different kinds of quantum hardware and algorithms, together with various associated aspects such as benchmarking, quantum error correction for fault tolerant quantum computing and the possibility of NISQ implementations.

Research Topics

  • Research & technology development management
  • Dynamic risk management
  • Quantum cryptanalysis
  • Benchmarking of quantum computers
  • Quantum error correction
  • NISQ computation
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    Paolo Bianco


    Building 02.18 / Room 2014

    +49 2461/61-96264


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