Safety and Radiation Protection

The protection of employees, the public and the environment against biological and chemical hazardous substances as well as ionizing radiation is an essential prerequisite for successful and recognized research at Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Operational and environmental monitoring, operational radiation protection, emergency services, plant fire department and occupational health and safety are just a few keywords that describe the overarching tasks of the Safety and Radiation Protection Division (S) required for this purpose.

In addition, S supports the institutes and infrastructure departments of the research center in performing the radiation protection and safety tasks assigned to them on site by providing technical and administrative support.

Technical support consists primarily of maintaining, repairing, and developing radiation measurement equipment, evaluating dosimeters, performing incorporation checks for occupationally exposed individuals, and performing a wide variety of analytical work.

Administrative support includes, among other things, the regulation of the radiation protection and safety organization, the central handling of reporting to authorities, permit management, contractor support, visitor service and the central accounting of radioactive materials. Added to this are safety management and site security.

In research and development, S participates in projects of technical-scientific cooperation in radiation protection, in the development of atmospheric dispersion models, and in radiobiological research to determine and quantify radiation damage.

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Geschäftsbereichsleitung: Burkhardt Heuel-Fabianek

Vertretung: Dr. J.Ehlers