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Grafische Darstellung der Anionenaustausch-Membranen.
Improved Membranes for Platinum-free Fuel Cells
Jülich, 31. Januar 2019 – Scientists from Jülich together with colleagues from Japan have discovered how fuel cell membranes can be improved without the use of rare and expensive precious metals such as platinum. The anion-exchange membranes studied are a key component of certain polymer electrolyte fuel cells and serve to transfer charged particles (anions) while at the same time retaining gases such as oxygen or hydrogen.
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23rd JCNS Laboratory Course - Neutron Scattering 2019
Registration is now closed! If you are a student in the field of physics, chemistry, material science or biosciences with a BSc (or an equivalent qualification), you are welcome to apply for a place on this year's JCNS Laboratory Course - Neutron Scattering, organized by Forschungszentrum Jülich.
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Reaktor FRM II


JCNS operates neutron instruments at the national and international leading sources MLZ, ILL and SNS under a common scientific objective.
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European Spallation Source (ESS)

Neutron scattering gives us unique insights into matter and is indispensable both for basic and application-oriented research. The world's most powerful neutron source is planned to go into operation in 2019, and Jülich will be part of it. More: European Spallation Source (ESS) …


High-Brilliance Neutron Source

The high-brilliance accelerator-based neutron source HBS represents a unique infrastructure for neutron analysis serving a multitude of scientifc disciplines. More: High-Brilliance Neutron Source …