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Juelich-Aachen Research Alliance: Future of Information Technology


Helmholtz-University Young-Researcher Group

(PGI-2 - FZJ and Institute for theoretical physics A - RWTH)

Single-Molecule Quantum Transport


The transport current through a single molecule device strongly coupled to macroscopic electrodes is a sensitive probe of the non-equilibrium quantum dynamics of the vibrational and magnetic degrees of freedom.
Understanding the rich variety of quantum transport effects, dominated by strong intramolecular interactions, is essential for the operation and possible future application of single-molecule devices.






Institute for Quantum Information (IQI)


Founded in 2011, the institute pursues a variety of topics in both practical and fundamental quantum information science. Solid state quantum information processing devices, either based on spins or superconductors, are a real possibility for the future. Our theoretical work seeks to find improved ways for these qubits to function and to work together in a system. These goals motivate very fundamental studies in a diverse set of areas, including many-body physics, the theory of quantum error correction codes, the theory of quantum control, and quantum computational complexity.