HNF sets RCD-8 into operation

To enhance the resist coating capability of HNF we installed an RCD8 Resist Lab Cluster from SUSS Microtec in conjunction with a wet bench for sample preparation. The cluster consist of two hot plate modules (HPM) and one vapour primer plate module (VPM) for resist pre and post application treatment and the spin coater module RCD8 itself and can handle samples from 5mm ´ 5mm up to 200mm in diameter. It is equipped with a solvent dispense module which, for round samples, resist removal from the rim.


The wide range of samples size and form is enabled by different sets of chucks for different sample sizes. One key feature is the GYRSET option. The GYRSET effect has two advantages: first on square samples or e.g quarter wafers it prevents the forming of the resist rim well at the corners, which means that the effective area of the sample increases. Second for coating samples with a large surface topology, it enables a proper covering of structures also on the outside of the structure. This outside normally is shadowed by the structure itself during spin coating and hence is not covered by the resist homogeneously.

The adjacent wet bench is designed for solvent based processes as sample cleaning before coating and the development with solvent based developers.

Last Modified: 08.04.2022