Heterogeneous Catalysis


To achieve its goal, the research group pursues a systematic approach that begins with a thorough literature search. Promising potential solutions are experimentally tested in a series of certified test stands and smaller experimental setups. These test facilities are controlled by a central process control system. A number of analytical measuring techniques are available for evaluating the experiments. The results obtained are presented and discussed at national and international meetings and conferences. They are also published in peer-reviewed journals.

Research Topics

The current focus is on developing catalysts for the synthesis of higher alcohols, such as 1-butanol or isobutanol, which have very similar chemical and physical properties to conventional fuels and could replace these in future, at least in part. Green methanol and ethanol are taken as the basis. Other topics include reactor tests for the water–gas shift reaction in a process chain for microbial methane synthesis and material tests for the desulfurization of mixtures of hydrogen and natural gas.


Dr. Joachim Pasel


Building 03.2 / Room Y211

+49 2461/61-5140



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