High-Efficiency Electrolysis

High-efficiency electrolyser
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

A test platform is available for investigating electrolysis cell stacks with a proton exchange membrane (PEM technology). Stacks developed in-house or by other manufacturers can be tested with regard to their performance (up to max. 400 kW) in the LLEC network. The connection to a pipeline for transport and storage of the hydrogen is of particular importance. In this way, the hydrogen produced can also be used again for energy purposes during ongoing characterizations.

With the production of hydrogen, electrical energy is converted into a permanently storable energy carrier or raw material. This means that renewable energy can now be stored for a long time in the form of a chemical energy carrier.

Key figures


1 October 2021

Stack power

400 kWel

H2 produktion

2 m3N/min

O2 Production

1 m3N/min


2-50 bar


≤ 95 °C


Max. 125 VDC


4000 ADC @ 100 VDC

Last Modified: 24.10.2023