3D Scanner in Engineering & Design, PGI/JCNS-TA

EinScan Pro HD (Shining 3D)

Light source:LED
Scan modes:Fixed Scan Mode (with turntable and tripod),
Scan accuracy:0,1 - 0,04mm
Volume accuracy:0,3mm/m
Scan speed:3.000.000 point/s
Dot removal:0,2 - 0,3mm
Single scan area: 209x160mm - 310x240mm
Suitable scan size:30 - 3000mm
Depth of field:± 100mm
Working distance:510mm


Jacqueline Lippertz

PGI/JCNS-TA-Engineering & Design

Tel.: 02461/61-5021

Email: j.lippertz@fz-juelich.de

Last Modified: 01.04.2022