October 2022 to October 2024



Dr. Bernd Schuller

Building 16.3 / Room R 346

+49 2461/61-8736



Ecosystem for Digital Twins in Healthcare

The EDITH project (Ecosystem for Digital Twins in Healthcare) is a two-year European Coordination and Support Action (CSA), which aims to foster an ecosystem for Digital Twins in healthcare. This will be achieved by mapping and analysing the status of the fields which are crucial for the growth, uptake and use of digital twins in healthcare, such as in-silico medicine, managing health-related data, using cloud and high performance computing for health-related simulations, as well as dealing with ethical and legal regulations. A vision and roadmap for the integrated human digital twin will be developed, based on standardised (meta-)data and models. A federated repository will bring together currently available resources and best practices. Building on available infrastructure, a framework for a simulation platform will be put forward, including a proof-of-concept implementation with pre-selected prototypes. User communities (healthcare professionals, patients, industry and academia) will be actively involved to ensure their needs are built into the architecture.