Director of the Institute

Prof. Dr. N. Jon Shah
(Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, RWTH Aachen, Monash University (Australia), Maastricht University (the Netherlands)

Scientific and technical staff members: over 80

Core topics: Development of new MRI methods / hardware and corresponding measurement sequences; quantification of MR data; structural/functional (sodium) imaging; high field MR (7T MR BrainPET; 9.4T MR-PET scanner); combination of MRI and PET; PET; optimisation of image quality in PET; MEG; method development and signal analysis in the field of MEG and EEG; combination of MEG and other imaging techniques; nuclear medicine brain tumor diagnostics; research on individual biomarkers for therapy optimisation of mental diseases and prediction of therapy success.

Core techniques: Design and implementation of new (MR) hardware; sequence development; diffusion, sodium and quantitative imaging; novel contrast mechanisms for MR-PET; fMRI; reconstruction programs and methods to improve quantification accuracy; analysis methods for efficient and user-friendly extraction of diagnostically relevant parameters in PET; (new) PET detector technologies; development of methods for attenuation, scatter radiation and motion correction (PET); development of 42 special evaluation methods for the localisation of weak magnetic sources in the context of MEG; real-time analysis of fast dynamic processes in the brain (MEG); development of AI methods for the evaluation of multimodal data sets (MEG, MR-PET-EEG); (pre-)clinical evaluation of new radiopharmaceuticals for the diagnosis of brain tumors using MR & PET; clinical application of correlative MR-PET imaging in diagnostics, therapy planning and therapy monitoring in patients with brain tumours; multimodal imaging (MR, PET, EEG); implementation of EEG data collection in the ultra-high magnetic field of 9.4T.

Last Modified: 09.03.2023