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INM-4 offers the following services to external researchers and scientific institutions:

Leistungen NEU

MRI Consultancy

Structural and functional MRI studies can be conceptualised in collaboration with the Sequence Development Group.

Contact person: Prof. Dr. N. J. Shah

Leistungen NEU

MR Coils and Hardware Construction

The Hardware Group develops and builds HF coils for MR scanners and stimulation devices for functional MRI.

Contact person: Dr. Jörg Felder

Leistungen NEU

JEMRIS - Juelich Extensible MRI Simulator

JEMRIS is the Juelich Extensible MRI Simulator - a high performance computing simulator for MRI. It provides functionality for the design and numerical simulation of MRI samples, sequences and hardware. More information can be found on the project homepage:


Leistungen NEU

Nuclear medicine brain tumour diagnostics/SPECT

  • Diagnosis of primary brain tumours (gliomas) with FET-PET (tumour extension, biopsy site, surgery and radiation planning)
  • Prognosis of low-grade gliomas with FET-PET
  • Therapy monitoring of brain tumours with FET-PET (early assessment of therapy effect, recurrence diagnosis)
  • Experimental evaluation of new radiopharmaceuticals in the animal model (rat, animal PET, animal MR, autoradiography)

Contact person: Prof. K. J. Langen

Last Modified: 09.03.2023