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Download the software: JUBE Download


JUBE version 2 is written in the Python programming language.

You need Python 2.7 or Python 3.2 (or a higher version) to run the program.

You also can use Python 2.6 to run JUBE. In this case you had to add the argparse-module to your Python module library on your own.


After download unpack the distribution file JUBE-<version>.tar.gz with:

tar -xf JUBE-<version>.tar.gz

You can install the files to your $HOME/.local directory by using:

cd JUBE-<version>

python install --user

$HOME/.local/bin must be inside your $PATH environment variable to use JUBE in an easy way.

Instead you can also specify a self defined path prefix:

python install --prefix=<some_path>

You might be asked during the installation to add your path (and some subfolders) to the $PYTHONPATH environment variable (this should be stored in your profile settings):

export PYTHONPATH=<needed_path>:$PYTHONPATH

In addition it is usefull to also set the $PATH variable again.

To check the installation you can run:

jube --version

Without the --user argument, JUBE will be installed in the standard system path for Python packages.

For further information please see the Documentation.