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Systems Biotechnology

Head: Prof. Dr. W. Wiechert

Scientific coordinator: Dr. E. Zelle

Scientific coordinator: Dr. R. Kloß

Secretariat: M. Hess

Graphic Bioproc

Prof. Dr. M. Oldiges

Bioprocesses and Bioanalytics

Graphic Micropheno

Dr. S. Noack

Quantitative Microbial Phenotyping

Graphic Biocat

Prof. Dr. D. Rother / Prof. Dr. M. Pohl


Graphic Modsim

Dr. E. von Lieres / Dr. K. Nöh

Modeling and Simulation

Graphic Microscale

Juniorprof. Dr. D. Kohlheyer

Microscale Bioengineering

Former Head: Prof. em. Dr. C. Wandrey