CritCat: Towards replacement of critical catalyst materials

The CritCat project, which is funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, is aimed towards the replacement of critical catalyst materials by improved nanoparticle control and rational design. Catalytic technology for sustainable energy conversion and storage depends strongly on the use of rare platinum group metals (PGMs), and will therefore be greatly affected by their imminent shortage.


The CritCat project is intended to provide solutions for the substitution of PGMs by exploring the properties of ultra-small transition metal (TM) alloy, carbide, phosphide, sulphide and oxide nanoparticles, in order achieve optimal catalytic performance with earth-abundant materials. The focus of the project is on industrially-relevant chemical reactions and emerging energy conversion technologies, in which PGMs currently play an instrumental role, particularly in the context of hydrogen and synthesis gas fuels.

For more details please refer to the papers:

Horizon 2020 research and innovation program by European Union: Towards Replacement of Critical Catalyst Materials by Rational Design of Novel Transition Metal Nanoparticles (CritCat)
(Xiankui Wei, Marc Heggen)

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