Electron optics and method development

Research topics

Research areas include the development and distribution of exit wave phase reconstruction tools together with research activities in the field of spherical aberration-corrected high-resolution (scanning) transmission electron microscopy with a special emphasis on the application of these techniques to advanced materials combinations for technological applications.

  • Instrument development & improvement
  • Performance characterization and resolution assessment
  • High-precision aberration measurement and aberration monitoring
  • Numerical procedures for the quantification of electron microscopy images
  • Simulation of electron scattering and solution of the inverse scattering problem
  • Simulation of HRTEM/HRSTEM imaging & development of phase-retrieval methods
  • Model-based reconstruction of magnetization from electron optical phase images
  • Theory and characterization of electron detectors



Dr. Andreas Thust
Phone: +49 2461 61-6644
e-Mail: a.thust@fz-juelich.de

Last Modified: 15.02.2022