Materials preparation

Forschungszentrum Jülich

Currently, we work on three classes of materials:

• high-entropy alloys
• complex metallic alloys
• quasicrystals

Among the recent achievements of the group is the discovery of the first hexagonal high-entropy alloy, a single phase ideal solid solution in the system HoDyYGdTb and the first successful growth of a centimeter-sized single crystal of a high-entropy alloy.

M. Feuerbacher, M. Heidelmann, and C. Thomas. Hexagonal High-Entropy Alloys. Mat. Res. Lett. 3, 2015, 1.
M. Feuerbacher, E. Wuertz, A. Kovacs, C. Thomas: Mat. Res. Lett. 2, 2017, 128.

Forschungszentrum Jülich

We produce metallic materials in single-crystalline form applying the following growth techniques:

• czochralski growth
• Bridgman growth
• zone melting
• flux growth.

Furthermore, we produce phase-pure and composite materials in polycrystalline form by means of Levitation melting and arc melting.

Our lab includes all required periphery for sample characterization and dispatch, e.g.
• standard metallography
• scanning electron microscopy and optical microscopy
• Laue diffraction
• spark erosion and wire saws

Further reading:

Journal Article Feuerbacher, M. (Corresponding author) ; Heidelmann, M. ; Thomas, C.
Hexagonal High-entropy Alloys
Materials Research Letters 3(1), 1 - 6 (2015) [10.1080/21663831.2014.951493]

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Materials preparation

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