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ER-C operates a wide range of high-performance electron microscopes permitting unique insights into the world of atoms.

Among them is the first chromatically corrected microscope in Europe, PICO, as well as other instruments optimized for analytical, electron tomographic, and in situ microscopy.

The major issues tackled by ER-C include the further methodological development of high-resolution electron microscopic and spectroscopic methods and their application.

While high-performance microscopy at ER-C is currently being predominantly used for materials research and nanotechnology, the life sciences will be added as the first new field of application. For this purpose, a new instrument will be purchased: a cryo-electron microscope required for the investigation of biological molecules.

The instruments are available to outside users: the ER-C strongly encourages scientific researchers and students to tap into the powerful capabilities of this facility by submitting enquiries or proposals to the coordinator of the ER-C.

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