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Seminar Talks

uThe Computational and Data Science Seminar is co-organized by the divisions Computational Science and Federated Systems and Data. Staff members and visitors report on recent papers, conferences and workshops, and on-going work.

Time: every two weeks on Tuesdays, 11:00 am

Place: GRS, building 16.15, room 2009

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Due to the Corona pandemic, the schedule has changed, starting from May 25th, 2020.
The seminar takes place weekly as a video conference.
Only a single talk will be given and the seminar starts at 10:30 am.

Talks 2020


Speaker and Title
Jan, 14

Jan Meinke (SL Biology)

A brief introduction to Numba

Catrin Meyer (SL Climate Science)

Overview on the PilotLab ExaESM project

Jan, 28

Björn Hagemeier (Division FSD)

The HDF cloud

Andreas Lintermann (SDL Fluids and Solids Engineering)

LES computations of the flow around a VTOL landing gear configuration

Feb, 11

Thomas Müller (SL Molecular Systems)

DMRG inspired methods in Quantum Chemsitry - Accuracy and Performance

Xinzhe Wu, Division CS (SL Quantum Materials)

HPX: a C++ Standard Library for Concurrency and Parallelism

Apr, 21canceled
May, 5canceled
May, 19canceled
May, 25

Ling Zou (SL Climate)

Revisiting global satellite observations of stratospheric cirrus clouds

Jun, 2

Zahra Chitgar (SL Plasma)

Study of High Harmonic Generation in Plasmas Using Kinetic (PIC
simulation) and Fluid Plasma Models

Jun, 9

Mario Rüttgers (SDL Highly Scalable Fluids & Solids Engineering)

Prediction of Acoustic Fields using a Lattice-Boltzmann Method
and Deep Learning

Jun, 16

Madita Willsch (Quantum Information Processing Group)

Simulation of flux qubits used for quantum annealing

Dennis Willsch (Quantum Information Processing Group)

Simulations of transmon quantum computers

Jun, 23

Godehard Sutmann (SL Molecular Systems)

Iterative Multi-Level Load Balancing Algorithm for Parallel Mesh- and
Particle-Based Simulations

Aug, 11

Stefan Krieg (SL Nuclear and Particle Physics)

HPC and QCD (An I am getting old kind of talk)

Aug, 18

Bernd Schuller (Federated Systems and Data)

Data transfer at JSC with UFTP

Aug, 25

Abouzar Ghasemi (SL TerrSys)

Performance Analysis of OpenFoam-v1912 (ESI release)

Sep, 1CS-Orga
Sep, 8

Sebastian Achilles (SL Quantum Material)

Optimizing non-standard tensor operations

Sep, 15

Olaf Stein (SL Climate)

The jülich Meteocloud – A collaborative tool

Sep, 22

Junxian Chew (SL Plasma)

Multi-Species Particle Merging in Tree Algorithms

Sep, 29

Scarlet Stadtler (Research Group Earth System Data Exploration)

KISTE KI:Strategie für Erdsystemdaten

Oct, 6CS-Orga
Oct, 13

Seong-Ryong Koh (SDL Fluids & Solids Engineering)

Simulation of Brain Aneurysm: what can a CFD analysis do for the better

Oct, 20

Manpreet Jattana (Quantum Information Processing Group)

Optimization problems for benchmarking the Hybrid Solver Service version
2 and the Advantage QPU

Oct, 27

TBA (SL Molecular Systems)


Nov, 3CS-Orga
Nov, 10

TBA (FSD, e.g.. Research Group Earth System Data Exploration)


Nov, 17CS-Orga
Nov, 24

TBA (SL Nuclear Particle)


Dec, 1

TBA (SL Biology)


Dec, 12TBA (SL Terrestrial Systems)
winter break

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