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WS 2017-2018: ” Materials for Nanoelectronics and High-Speed Quantum Electronic Devices”

Lecture SS2016Lecture SS2016

Time: Wednesday, 16:00-18:00,

Seminar Room P1-02-111,

Experimental Physics 2


Lecturer: Svetlana Vitusevich


Requirements for participation:

Basic knowledge of physics and mathematics


Aims of the course: Understanding

of most important material systems

and their application in nanoelectronic devices


Content of the Course: Novel materials are crucial for development of electronic components useful for nanoelectronics.  The lectures provide an overview over the most important material systems and their application in nanoelectronic devices.  High-speed quantum electronic devices are important objects since their operation can show effects due to quantum mechanics, including negative differential conductivity behavior. The latter can be used to generate microwave power, which is very important for developing high-speed communication systems. Tunneling in solids is a quantum process in which charge carriers penetrate into and traverses a barrier region. It should be emphasized that conservation of energy would not permit this process in classical physics, where the particle will be totally reflected from the barrier. At the same time the tunneling is possible in quantum physics due to wave nature of the charge carriers and probability of wave function penetration into classically forbidden regions. The effect allows crossing narrow barrier regions without of losing phase coherence and realization conditions for novel quantum phenomena. We will overview the fundamental physics and engineering principles of quantum electronic devices: simple and basic definitions; transport mechanisms for high-speed operation; fundamentals of noise spectroscopy and microwave technique.


Prof. Dr.Svetlana Vitusevich

Tel.: +49-2461-612345




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