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Cryoelectronic Characterization

Example of a specialized sample holder and an interdigital measurements structures for capacitive measurements of ferroelectric films

Various cryostats and measurement setups are available for the electronic and magnetic characterization of thin film samples. They are specially equipment for the characterization of ferroelectric, superconducting and magnetic films. The sample holders are designed in house and optimized for various measurements. All experiments are automated and can be operated in remote control.


  • temperature range: 4K - 500K
  • frequency range: dc, ac, microwave up to 20GHz
  • magnetic fields: up 8T


  • Cryostats:

    • inner diameter: 25mm, no external field
    • inner diameter: 50mm, magnetic field up to 500mT (rotatable)
    • inner diameter: 50mm, magnetic fields up to 8T
  • resistive measurements:

    Schematic sketch of the fully automized electronic characterization of a sample (here: simultaneous resisitvie and capacitive measurements controlled by a labview-type program)

    • various nanovoltmeter, multimeter, currents source (various ranges from pA to 600A)
    • various lock-in for ac measurements
  • capacitive measurements:

    • various LCR meter
  • microwave measurements:

    • wave generator, spectrum analyzer
    • network analyzer