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BMBF  project 01DK13016 “Device Inspiring Research and Technology Demonstration and Assessments for High-Speed and Low-Energy  Nanowire Transistors (DIR-TDA-NAT)”

Abstract: The DIR-TDA-NAT project plans to combine the efforts of a number of key research laboratories working in the areas of materials science, solid-state physics, device physics, electrical engineering, semiconductor physics, as well as in modelling of quantum mechanical processes in the structures. The research field of the project is the understanding and exploitation of nonequilibrium (hot) carrier effects and high-speed/high-frequency phenomena in III-N heterostructures and Si-based nanowire (NW) transistor structures suitable for high-speed electronic applications.

One goal is to develop nanowire based high-performance field-effect transistors to investigate roots for integration of information processing and information storage. A broader goal is to develop new functionality that does not exist in a semiconductor separately.

The ideas are based on recent achievements obtained by project’s authors in previous researches on ballistic and hot electron and resonant tunneling transport in quantum structures, which have a priority character in development of nanoscale electronics. Physical phenomena that occur in GaN- and Si- NW structures will be explored systematically at different temperatures and electrical regimes in order to obtain new data on electrical and noise properties and regularities of electron transport processes. These include carriers trapping/detrapping processes and accumulation in the conduction channels and on the interface in GaN- and Si- NW structures of different configurations. We intend to study high-frequency properties of the nanowires, particularly dimensional resonances characteristic for electrons in restricted geometries. 

Principal Investigator(s): Vitusevich, Svetlana

Partner:  Forschungszentrum Jülich,

Institute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

State Enterprise Research Institute “Orion”, Kiev, Ukraine

Project start: 01.10.2013

Project end: 30.06.2016

Status:   Granted