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Microwave dielectrometry of biological liquids of small volumes

Microwave dielectrometry of biological liquids of small volumes

Project Title:Microwave dielectrometry of biological liquids of small volumes

Principal Investigator: Svetlana Vitusevich

Funding Organization: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Status: active, 03.2016 – 06.2020


Microwave complex permittivity is adequate characteristic of biological liquids for monitoring their properties. Despite a large number of measurement techniques, reliable approaches to microwave characterization of biological liquids in small are absent practically. Therefore it is extremely important to develop approaches, which will allow one  i) to perform direct (without calibration procedure) measurements of liquid properties, ii) to study the liquids in small ~10-6 L down to   ~10-9 L) and iii) to study liquids with a large value of loss tangent. Solution of the problem has important scientific and applied significance.  However challenges of measurement accuracy and sensitivity have not been solved hitherto for lossy liquids in small.  Direct measurement of permittivity becomes of special significance. Today the non-resonant methods based on coaxial lines or metal waveguides are used widely. However they have low sensitivity and demand much quantity of liquid compared with very small quantities, which can be used in resonant methods.

The project is aimed to develop scientific principles of microwave dielectrometry of bioliquids allowing sensitive direct measurements of complex permittivity of lossy liquids of small volumes. The technique of high accuracy measurements will be elaborated. There is no such a technique in world practice at present. Our preliminary studies show, the problems may be solved using specially designed whispering gallery mode (WGM) dielectric resonators and microfluidic/nanofluidic.  Here the main tasks arise: i) to develop theoretical basis for design and fabrication of new types of measuring cells for microwave study of lossy liquids of small volumes, ii) to solve inverse electromagnetic problem for finding complex permittivity on the measurement results. Solutions of these challenges are the main points of the project. A dielectrometer prototype with new measuring cells will be developed and important test bioliquids (albumin, glucose, Cytochrome C, aqueous solutions of DNA, etc) will be measured.

Fulfillment of the project will open perspective to use of a new kind of dielectrometry in biology and medicine.


Principal Investigator: Vitusevich, Svetlana


Partners: Prof. Dr. Rolf Jakoby (Technical University of Darmstadt), Prof. Dr. Nickolay Cherpak (Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, Kharkov)


Webpage: under construction

Project start: 03.2016

Project end: 02.2018

Status: Active