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MAGiC, the polarized single crystal diffractometer at the European Spallation Source (ESS), is under construction and is being built in collaboration with the Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (France), the Paul-Scherrer Institute (Switzerland) and Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany).

MAGiC is a Laue time-of-flight (TOF) single crystal diffractometer uniquely combined with neutron polarization, which ideally suits studies in the broad research field of magnetic correlations. The combination of the TOF-Laue technique with a large 2 sr detector and the intense long pulse of ESS yields a new efficiency for magnetic structure determination, allowing for even "x-ray sized" crystals and epitaxial films studies on a daily basis. The permanent use of polarization and availability of extreme sample environment (temperature, field and pressure) ensures the instrument will be of great benefit to the large magnetism community.

-1The layout of the MAGIC instrument.
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To cover the needs for both Bragg diffraction and diffuse scattering, MAGiC will make full use of the optimized peak fluxes of the thermal and cold ESS moderators. The possibility to choose between thermal or cold fluxes will ensures MAGiC high versatility, by using cold neutrons for high Q-resolution studies of complex magnetic structures and thermal neutrons to cover a high Q-space and correlate atomic positions with magnetic properties. Utilizing most recent developments in neutron optics, MAGiC will have a highly-polarized beam (P > 98%) from 0.6 to 6Å with a flux as high as 3x10⁹ n/s/cm² at sample position combined with polarization analysis for cold neutrons. A new detector technology based on multiple solid B-10 converters in inclined geometry will combine high efficiency (60% at 1Å) and high spatial resolution (2mm) with a count rate capability exceeding those of current He-3 detectors by an order of magnitude.

The MAGIC construction proposal was accepted in 2015 [1]. Currently, the instrument is in the detailed design phase after completing the preliminary design review at ESS early 2017.

-2Simulation of a 3D neutron time-of-flight Laue diffraction pattern of a 1mm3 single crystal of C60 for the MAGIC instrument with complete detector coverage.
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Forschungszentrum Jülich: Werner Schweika, Peter Harbott

Laboratoire Léon Brillouin: Xavier Fabreges, Sergey Klimko, Arsen Gukasov

Paul-Scherrer Institute: Michel Kenzelmann, Uwe Filges

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[1] MAGIC instrument proposal

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Werner Schweika