JCNS Workshop 2020

13 - 16 October 2020, Tutzing, Germany


Because of the coronavirus outbreak, we are forced to cancel the JCNS Workshop this year. We thank the scientific committee and the speakers for their continued support and commitment. More details will be given in due course.

Edited neutron scattering pattern of a polarisation analysis in spin flip channel of strontium ferrite


A tremendous interest in the fundamental research of quantum materials has been triggered by the recent improvements in superconductivity and magnetism in low dimensions, by the realization of emergent quasi-particles such as skyrmions and magnetic monopoles, as well as by the potential applications of such systems for future information technology. As unique probe for studying magnetism, neutron scattering matches the entire range of length- and time-scales relevant for many novel magnetic and electronic phenomena.

The workshop is devoted to the area of quantum materials in all their forms.

The topics will include

  • Bulk
  • Frustrated spin systems
  • Nano and Heterostructures
  • Low dimensional quantum magnetism
  • Superconductivity
  • Models of quantum magnetic systems
  • Magnetic nanoparticles
  • Quantum spin liquids
  • Quantum materials properties at high magnetic fields
  • Skyrmions

Flyer & Poster

Please download

Flyer: JCNSWorkshop2020Flyer_pdf (PDF, 2 MB)

Poster: JCNSWorkshop2020Poster_pdf (PDF, 6 MB)

The workshop will discuss current requirements and developments in such techniques. In particular the workshop is devoted to novel and upcoming experimental opportunities to discuss the scientific options and capabilities.

The JCNS workshop 2020 held in Tutzing, Germany on 13-16 October 2020, will bring together experts in neutron scattering methods with users from quantum magnetism to review techniques and provide the opportunity for the community to discuss current limitations, new capabilities, and future developments.

For all questions regarding the registration and the workshop, please, contact the local organizing committee

Monika Krug
Tel: +49-89-289-11664
Stefano Pasini
Tel: +49-89-289-54810

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