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Magnetic nanostructures

Structural and magnetic correlations in thin film systems are relevant to magneto-electronics. These correlations are studied on a length scale close to the spin diffusion length of the electrons. They can be used to observe interfacial roughness, magnetic domains or magnetic roughness.

Interface characterization of GMR systems


The magnetoelectronics properties (interlayer coupling, magnetoresistance) of thin film devices depend strongly on their interface morphologies. A non-destructive characterization can be performed by x-ray scattering under grazing incidence. The form factor contrast between the layers can be significantly enhanced by anomalous scattering at a synchrotron radiation source. The figure shows off-specular scattering from an Fe/Cr/Fe trilayer at two x-ray energies, once for vanishing contrast and once for maximal contrast between Fe and Cr, leading to a very different modulation of the measured intensities.

Contact: Emmanuel Kentzinger

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