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Frustrated and topological magnets

Frustrated and topological quantum materials have become a focus of intense research owing to the remarkable possibilities to realize emergent quasiparticles that do not correspond to any theoretically known elementary particles, such as magnetic monopoles and Majorana fermions. Realization and eventual manipulation of those exotic quasiparticles in condensed matter can lead to potential applications for future information technology such as decoherence-free quantum computing architecture.

  • A Frustrated Honeycomb Magnet
  • Coexistence between long-range magnetic order and spin fluctuations in intermetallic EuCu2(Si,Ge)2
  • Coexistence of itinerant and local moment magnetism
  • Spiral spin-liquid in frustrated A-site spinels
  • Higgs transition in quantum spin ice
  • Multiferroicity from Complex Spin Structures
  • Interplay of Different Electronic Degrees of Freedom in Correlated Oxides
  • Multiferroicity from Charge Order