Videos from Our Current Research Topics

Emergence of Metachronal Waves in Cilia Arrays Using Large-Scale Hydrodynamic Simulations 

Jens Elgeti and Gerhard Gompper 

Related publication: PNAS 110 (12) 4470-4475 (2013)

Hydrodynamics of sperm cells near surfaces

Sperm is captured at the wall due to the hydrodynamic flow fields

Jens Elgeti, U. Benjamin Kaupp, Gerhard Gompper

Related Publication: Biophysical Journal 999(4), 1018-1026 (2010) 

Collective Behaviour of Self-Propelled Rods

Masoud Abkenar, Kristian Marx, Thorsten Auth, and Gerhard Gompper

Related Publication: Phys. Rev. E88, 062314 (2013)

Predicting human blood viscosity in silico

Dmitry A. Fedosov, Wenxiao Pan, Bruce Caswell, Gerhard Gompper, and George E. Karniadakis

Related Publication: Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 108, 11772-11777 (2011)

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