High-resolution Imaging

Due to the long measurement times required, most examples are restricted to post mortem tissue or animal imaging. This is a typical case of “an image speaks a thousand words”.

The showcase results:

  • left: post mortem brain at 9.4T human scanner, 100µm isotropic resolution for restricted regions of the whole brain
  • upper right: fixed tissue samples - 300x300x800 µm³ high-angular-resolution STEAM diffusion on visual lobe at 9.4T animal scanner, ADC maps and fibre tracking from the stria of Gennari (blue, mainly radial fibres) and normal white matter (green, optic radiation)
  • lower right: fixed rat brain at 9.4T animal scanner, multi-echo T2* contrast with 60µm isotropic resolution on whole brain

  • High-resolution Imaging
    Last Modified: 15.02.2023