Welcome to JuRSE, the Community of Practice for Research Software Engineering

JuRSE is a FZJ-wide initiative working to raise awareness, increase visibility and improve good practice for Research Software Engineering. We aim to promote the impact on research, highlighting the increasingly critical and valuable role research software engineering serves here. We believe that creating a community will lead to more recognition and professionalisation at the same time as helping those who do research software engineering to be part of a professional community of practice. 

Are you doing Research Software Engineering? Then this is the right place for you. Are you from FZJ? Join the FZJ Community!

Our key visual (left) includes the well-known motto for Research Software Engineering "Better Software, Better Research". This motto was created by the Software Sustainability Institute and has since been adopted around the world.

The key visual also includes an icon for the community that we're representing here at Jülich and the three main research fields of "Energy", "Information" and "Bioeconomy".

This online and in-person community is for all those involved in the practice of Research Software Engineering. JuRSE aims to provide the community with the ability to share knowledge, make connections, build resources and continue their personal professional development.

The JuRSE Initiative is tightly linked to the Preparatory Study of the Helmholtz Platform for Research Software Engineering (HiRSE_PS), which aims at the establishment of central activities in RSE and the targeted sustainable funding of strategically important codes within Helmholtz Information. More on this link can be found here.

For all enquiries or just not sure who to contact first, you can email the team via Claire Wyatt, the FZJ Community Manager for Research Software Engineering or the whole team at our team email rse@fz-juelich.de

Last Modified: 24.05.2024