Quantum Computing Cover Story of “effzett” Receives Two Awards

Quantum Computing Cover Story of “effzett” Receives Three Awards

Forschungszentrum Jülich’s research magazine effzett has received three awards. Within the scope of the International Creative Media Award (ICMA), effzett issue 3/2021 and effzett issue 1/2022 received one award each in the categories “cover story”, “magazines online”, and “magazines print”.

We are proud of being a part of the cover story of the effzett 1/2022 issue - Cool calculators.

In the article, our experts provide insight into the topic of quantum computing. Physicist Carsten Degenhardt and his team at ZEA-2 are developing integrated nano- and microelectronic systems - including cryogenic-electronics for quantum computers. Electrical engineer Patrick Vliex designed the prototype for the new cryogenic chip.

For the past 5 years the experts at ZEA-2 are working on their own chips. First, it was necessary to clarify the special requirements that a quantum processor presents to such a chip. For this purpose, the our team contacted the physicists led by Prof. Hendrik Bluhm at the JARA Institute for Quantum Information. Bluhm is working on a “Made in Germany” semiconductor quantum processor in the QUASAR project. Close cooperation developed between the JARA researchers, especially René Otten, and ZEA-2.

Find out more about our work in the quantum computer and chip field at ZEA-2. Jülich researchers are developing cryogenic-electronics that control qubits. Why and how they do it is explained in the award winning issue of effzett.

The cover story of effzett issue 1/2022 "Cool calculators" received a silver award (online magazine) and a bronze award (print magazine).
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You can also download the PDF version here

The cover story of effzett issue 3/2021 “Cooling needed!” received an Award of Excellence.
Read effzett issue 3/2021 online

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