Detector Systems

Detector Systems


In this topic we develop application specific readout electronics and complete detector systems focusing on the special requirements of the scientific experiments. The developments are fully driven by the top-down application requirements in accordance to industrial quality standards. Our solutions for high performance, fast signal acquisition and data processing are based on self-developed System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions as well as FPGAs and microcontrollers. This can also include complex parameter extraction algorithms as integral part of the detector core.


Christian Grewing


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Meet the team

Christian GrewingBuilding 02.5 / Room R 132+49 2461/61-96430
David ArutinovBuilding 02.5 / Room E1+49 2461/61-9408
Eqbal MaraqaBuilding 02.5 / Room E1+49 2461/61-9400
Santosh MutumBuilding 02.5 / Room 200F+49 2461/61-96430
Dr.-Ing. Markus RobensBuilding 02.5 / Room 217+49 2461/61-3023
Florian RössingBuilding 02.5 / Room E1+49 2461/61-6277
Wei ZhaoBuilding 02.5 / Room 200F+49 2461/61-96916

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