Neuromorphic Computing

Electronic Systems for Neuromorphic Computing


In this topic we work on bio-inspired post-von-Neumann computing paradigms starting from physical-mathematical principles down to the implementation level based on prototype systems (e.g. FPGAs) or special integrated circuits (ICs). These developments include CMOS- and system integration of Memristive materials and devices for emerging neuromorphic computing architectures.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan van Waasen


Building 02.5 / Room 129

+49 2461/61-9400


Meet the team

Neethu KuriakoseBuilding 02.5 / Room 222+49 2461/61-2516
Sergey SuslovBuilding 02.5 / Room R 244+49 2461/61-2335
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan van WaasenDirector of the ZEA-2 InstituteBuilding 02.5 / Room 129+49 2461/61-9400

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