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Cross-Program Activity: Radiation Research

Koordinator: Prof. Dr. W. Enghardt Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, HZDR

Gefördert durch: Helmholtz Gemeinschaft

Laufzeit: 2015 bis 2019

Ansprechpartner Jülich: Dr. R. Kriehuber / FZ Jülich


The steadily increasing applications of ionizing radiation based techniques in medicine and technology and the German nuclear phase-out following the Fukushima accident set new challenges for safe and efficient technologies and procedures. These require a detailed knowledge on individual deterministic and stochastic radiation effects and, furthermore, on the transport of radionuclides in environment and in the human body as well as the translation into application-based solutions. The primary objective of the cross-program activity “Radiation Research” is to provide the necessary deep knowledge on effects of ionizing radiation on biological systems, which is still fragmentary, even after more than 100 years of medical and technological radiation application. For this, complementary expertise in radiation research of different Helmholtz-centers are combined and focused onto the research topics (i) radiation biology and radiation protection; (ii) radiation ecology; and (iii) radiotherapy and molecular imaging. Synergies driven by the exchange and common development of scientific concepts and methods and by the efficient exploitation of unique competences and infrastructures of the participating Helmholtz-centers are expected to generate new technological and application-based solutions as additional benefit of this cross-program activity beyond the POF research.

Kontakt: Dr. Sabine Schmitz